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About us

DMC Adriatic short company information

DMC Adriatic ltd., is a destination management company that organizes regional and Croatian tours for individuals and groups, as well as acommodation, transfers, excursions and other destination services. Our mission is to present Croatia and the exciting region of Adriatic and Alps by connecting and presenting the best experiences of all five countries (Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary) and create a top global travel destination with Croatia as a hub for overseas travelers to this part of the world. This is in line with Croatian national strategy to become a leading destination in the region and diversify its currently summer oriented tourism industry.

Adriatic-Alps is a region which is roughly marked by the Alps mountain range of northern Italy and Austria to the north and the Croatian and Italian Adriatic sea to the south. To to the east are the plains of Croatia and Hungary, in the center hills and mountains of Slovenia in the west the fertile plains and cities of culture of northern Italy. With each part easily accessible within a couple hundred miles by modern highways, airports and trains , such a diverse region is unique in the world. Being in the heart of Europe this region has been a witness to the some of the most important events in the history of the world. Many parts of the region have often been changing states and rulers and thus are examples of multiculturalism and cultural heritage that does not exist anywhere else in Europe.

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